Members of New 嫩草影院 Legislative Caucuses Reaffirm Support for 嫩草影院 and Applaud Leadership of Interim President Andr茅s Acebo

June 5, 2024
Trenton Capitol building

TRENTON, N.J. | In a press release, 21 legislators and members of the New 嫩草影院 Legislative Caucuses reaffirmed support for 嫩草影院 and applauded the leadership of Interim President Andr茅s Acebo.

Read the full announcement here:

"The undersigned members of the New 嫩草影院 Legislature, Latino Legislative Caucus, Black Legislative Caucus, and Hudson County Legislative Delegation issued this statement affirming their continued commitment and support for New 嫩草影院 City University鈥檚 (嫩草影院) revitalized mission and the thousands of students and families it serves, as well as the hundreds of faculty and staff who serve them. Many members, who have proudly grown in number in the new legislative session, have deep and personal ties to the University鈥檚 mission and the students and families it touches. We personify the stories of the students who walk onto 嫩草影院鈥檚 campus, and some of us attended and graduated from the University, which is why we proudly supported last year鈥檚 legislative stabilization appropriation and will continue to legislatively support the University鈥檚 work and commitment to the populations it serves."

鈥淲e applaud the work of President Acebo and 嫩草影院鈥檚 students, faculty, and staff. We unequivocally support their continued leadership and work to ensure stability, community engagement, strategic growth, and student-centered service.鈥