Administration & Governance

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Administration & Governance


New 嫩草影院 City University benefits from strong, courageous leadership at all levels鈥攆rom the Board of Trustees who steward the university's mission; to the Office of the President and other senior leaders whose strategic direction and passion for higher education steers the university and its students toward a bright future; to 嫩草影院's University Senate, which allows a wide variety of University constituents to participate in the process of governance and champion academic freedom. Together, the following groups ensure that 嫩草影院 continues to strive for excellence in its business practices and operations, and sets the stage for continued success.

Office of the President


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees, following the guidelines and policies set forth by the New 嫩草影院 Commission on Higher Education, oversees 嫩草影院's affairs and is ultimately responsible for the University fulfilling its mission.

Senior Administration

The Office of the President sets 嫩草影院's agenda and drives the University forward in its mission. The President oversees academic affairs, administration, enrollment, and other key areas within the University鈥攊ncluding the Office of the Provost, which ensures a high-level of academic excellence that defines 嫩草影院's reputation.

University Senate

Made up of members representing faculty, professional staff, students, and alumni, the University Senate offers 嫩草影院's academic community the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process and governance of the university.